' Welcome to Desert Rose Ranch and Winery!

Welcome to Desert Rose Ranch and Winery!

Our motto is that “we take our wine and wine making very seriously but not ourselves."  We will strive to put the absolute best product that we can in the bottle but we also believe that the sharing of wine should be one of life’s pleasures best enjoyed with laughter, good food and in the company of family and friends! 

Learn a little about us in this short video:

Around the Horseshoe Bar:

Enjoy one of our three tasting options standing around the bar while learning the history behind the wines, listening to a few entertaining tales and viewing mementos from across the globe!

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Come Experience a taste of the Wild West and find out why we say
“Shouldn’t it just taste like Grapes?”

Ride West Towards the Sunset and Learn About
Our Wine Club "The Posse"!


We look forward to seeing you ‘round the ranch!


Stay and tour the area! There is lots to do and discover in Shenandoah! Visit The Blue Ridge Whiskey Wine Loop for more details!



Contact Info

Phone: (540) 635-3200

13726 Hume Rd.
Hume, VA 22639

Open every day of the week, Noon - 6pm


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