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    1. STARBOARD – PORT styled – 2010″ is our sweet dessert wine made with 100% native Virginia Norton grapes first aged in high quality American oak and then finished in whiskey barrels which adds a really unique character.  The Norton grape resembles those used for centuries in Portugal to make port which sets the standard for all others to aim for and we believe it will serve that purpose well.  We serve it with hand crafted chocolate made here in Virginia specifically for us. This wine won a silver medal at the Indy International wine competition.  Price – $37.00
    2.   “CABERNET FRANC – 2011″.  Cabernet Franc is fast becoming the most popular red Bordeaux grape grown in Virginia and we likely will be known for its quality much like Oregon is for their Pinot Noir.  2010 was regarded as a phenomenal vintage year here in Virginia and while 2011 was not quite as good, it still allowed us to produce this very age worthy wine.  We expect that Cab Franc will be our flagship red wine and we are extremely pleased with the promise this wine is already displaying at its young age – it has an alc of 12.9%.  We are proud to report that our 2010 vintage (now sold out) won a double gold medal at the Indy International Wine Competition and there were only 4 total given in this category with two of those being in California. Price – $26.00
    3. R.E.D.- 2011” – is our 100% Chambourcin red wine.  Chambourcin is becoming a very popular red hybrid grape grown in Virginia and we are pleased to have it added to our wine list.  Ask about the derivation of the name when visiting the tasting room. Price – $21.00
    4. Sparky- 2011″. It is our goal to produce a very high quality Rosé wine much in line with the finer European versions.  While the blend may change from year to year depending upon the quality of the grapes, we have selected a mix of 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Merlot and 52% Cabernet Franc for this vintage.  Like R.E.D. above, ask about the derivation of the name when visiting the tasting room.  This wine won a silver medal at the Indy International Wine Competition. Price – $20.00
    5. Hitch Hollow - 2011″. This 100%  Chardonnay was aged in French oak barrels and the fruit from this year can only be described as simply delicious.  Hitch Hollow was a community located partially on our property and dating back to the late 1800′s.  This wine then is dedicated to those hearty pioneers who toiled the land before us.  Price – $22.00
    6. UNHITCHED – 2012″ – we have purposely made this Chardonnay to be a contrast to our Hitch Hollow version and reduced the oak while giving it just a hint of residual sugar. The name is dedicated to the nearly 50 year marriage of Bob & Linda where the word has not been used “unsparingly” over the years. Price – $22.00
    7. Ole Moo Moo - 2011″. This is our off dry (slightly sweet) white table wine that was aged 70% in stainless steel and 30% in American Oak.  Like our Rosé mix, this blend will also change from year to year.  The blend we have selected for 2011 is 13.6% Viognier,15.8% Seyval Blanc, 19.1% Chardonnay, and 51% Vidal Blanc with a 12.5% alc and 1.6% residual sugar.  We were once in the cattle business here at the Desert Rose Ranch and this wine is a tribute to our one remaining cow who has become a neighborhood celebrity.  We are pleased to report that this wine won a gold medal at the Indy International Wine competition. Price – $22.00
    8. GiGi Peachi“.  (Temporarily sold out) Many of you have visited the tasting room and met brother Ken’s greeter dog GiGi.  She has become a very popular fixture with our guests and we therefore decided she needed a wine named in her honor.  We now are offering her wine made from 100% locally grown peaches.  While it is a fruit wine – it is one that just might surprise you especially the “brown sugar” finish.  The alc might also give you a kick as it came in at 15%.  This wine really surprised us and won a bonze medal at the Indy International Wine competition. Look for GiGi to be featured in the 2013 Virginia Wine Dogs Calendar. Price - $15.00. (Currently sold out but look for new release soon)
    9. “DESERT DELIGHT – 2009″ – 100% Vidal Blanc sweet dessert wine with an alc of 15% and residual sugar of 8%. This wine is nearly sold out so grab a bottle while supplies last. Price – $19.50.
    10. “COVERT CAB – 2012″” – We are the first in Virginia to bottle this new grape called Crimson Cabernet and only the second vintage of it ever to be bottled in the world. It’s two parents are the native VA grape Norton and Cabernet Sauvignon which makes the offspring then 75% vinifera. The alc for this vintage came in at 13.5% and while we leave the adjectives to those that taste our wines, it has been described as big, bold and chewy. Quantities are definitely limited this year with only 58 cases made so it will not remain available long – the label alone may be well worth the price. Price – $32.00

      Tasting Fees

      1.  Eight wines includes Starboard plus delicious hand made chocolate – $8.00 (p/t)

      2.  Four wines – customer choice of wines on tasting list – $5.00

      3.  Private group seating which includes separate private area and dedicated staff – $10/person (p/t)